Classic mexican kitchenware

We provide those utensils that should always be part of the Mexican cuisine.


We develop special designed kitchenware products for the house or restaurant industry.

Cast iron & powder coating

We manufacture cupola furnace molding items with powder coating finish.


Tortilla Press Extra

7.5" diameter

Weight: 2.4 kgs

Per box: 5

Comal Redondo Fierro

Rounded Cast Iron Comal

10" diameter

Weight: 2.5 kgs

Pallet: 1,147 kgs

Comal Ovalado de Fierro

Oval Griddle Cast Iron

16" long

Weight: 3.5 kgs

Pallet: 1,208 kgs

Cheese Griddle Pot

7" diameter

Weight: 1kg

Pero box: 10

Sope Press
Cast Iron

4.5" Diameter

Weight: 1.3 kgs

Per box: 5

Tortilla Press Super

6.5" Diameter

Weight: 2.4 kgs

Per box: 5

Sope Press Wood

Weight: 500 grs

7.5" x 5.5" x 1.5"

Per box: 16

Decorated Tortilla Press Grande

Weight: 2.3 kgs

9.5" x 7.5" x 2.5"

Per box: 26

Cutting Board Wood

Pine or Walnut

Tortilla Press Extra Wood

Weight: 2.9 kgs

11" x 9" x 3"

Per box: 16

Wooden Plate

Individual meat plate

for restaurant

Huarache Press Wood

Weight: 1.5 kgs

13" x 7.5" x 1"

Per box: 20

Manual Roll Tortilla Maker

Weight: 6 kgs

Per box: 1

Scrubbing board

Weight: 1.2 kgs

Per box: 6

Oval Griddle Carbon Steel

Weight: 1 kg

17.5" long, 8.5" wide

Per box: 10

Rectangular Griddle Steel

Weight: 1 kg

Per box: 10

Round Griddle Carbon Steel

Weight: 1.2 kgs

8.5", 11.5" y 13"

Pallet: 1200 kgs

Huarache Press Aluminum

Weight: 0.50 kgs

Per box: 15

Stone Molcajete Mortar

Weight: 4 kgs

Per box: 1

Salsa-Chip Bowl

Weight: 100 grs


Tri-Color Set

Tortilla Warmer Plastic

Different colors

1/2 kilo y 1 kilo

7" Diameter

Handcrafted Tortilla Warmer

Weight: 0.33 kgs

Per box: 30

Grinder Mill Tisa

Per box: 1

Engraved Molcajete

Weight: 3.5 kgs

Per box: 1

Aluminum Orange Squeezer




Box Orange Squeezer


Lemon Squeezer




Chalupa Press


Huarache Press


Tortilla Press


Four sizes


Regio Trading INC is a family owned manufacturer and wholesale distributer of mexican products. We look forward to serve and develope your originally packed products for the USA and Canada markets.