1 20 Oval Grill
Clasic grill to heat or tortillas, fry and cook. Weight per case: 17.5 kgs Weight per pallet: 1,208 kgs
1 60 Small Round Grill
Traditional grill to cook and heat corn and flour tortillas. Extreamly durable. Weight per case: 8.0 kgs Weight per pallet: 816 kgs
1 60 Large Round Grill
Clasic rounded grill to heat up tortillas or cook. Weight per case: 12.75 kgs Weight per pallet: 1,147 kgs
1 130 Double Side Grill
Rectangular grill with one side to cook tortillas and the other to cook meat, chicken or fish. Weight per case: 2.751 kgs
1 180 Deep Grill
Grill for juicy dishes. Weight per case: 11 kgs Weight per pallet: 1,155 kgs
1 65 Oval Fajita Plate
Center dish plate for serving a full size order of fajitas Base included.
1 110 Rounded Fajita Skillet
Individual rounded skillet or center platemade of cast iron. Wooden underliner included.
1 70 Steal Plate #12
Very resistent cookware for multiple uses in the kitchen.